History of the restaurant

Saci Perere is the first Brazillan restaurant in Japan which provides both Brazillian dish and Brazillian live performance opened in December 1974. Since then, we introduce you all about "Brazil" in the same style from the time of the opening.
As for the live performance,Bossa Nova, and Samba will be played by the professionals. Sometimes,people dance on the dance floor with Samba music and at the same time,you can enjoy Brazillan food. These atmosphere will make you as if you are staying in Brazil.

The logo Saci Perere

This character we use for our logo is called "Saci Perere".
In Brazil, it is said that he lives in the northern mountain of Brazil. It is an elf of a child and he teases adults because he hates them. Maybe you can see them somewhere in our restaurant.
From the owner

The live performance is fantastic,the dishes are delicious. Also the Brazillian rum,"Pinga" is tasty. Including all those,it's a restaurant of The real Brazil.You can't find this kind of all-round restaurant anywhere. It's been almost 40 years since the opening.
The Walter.W-the king of summer samba came and played his music 3 times here and I remember the live like it was yesterday .
Lisa Ono, the pioneer of Bossa Nova in Japan started her fist career on our stage when she was 17 and that's history now. It's interesting and fun when I watch the young and the old dancing together on the dance floor to samba. So, see you at "Saci Perere"!
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